Laravel Packages / May 04, 2016

Use Collections outside Laravel

Tighten has created a Collections only split from Laravel’s Illuminate Support package. This is designed for stand-alone PHP packages that would still like to use Laravel Collections. In the README it says it’s a manual split with the goal of eventually automating the process. One issue report brings into question why it’s split under the …

Laravel Tutorials / November 17, 2015

Laravel Collections Unraveled

Jeff Madsen has created a new free ebook, Laravel Collections Unraveled, that explores Laravel collections: In “Laravel Collections Unraveled” we are going to see just what is so amazing about this class by digging down under the hood to understand the full range of functions available, and create practical examples of each of them that …

Laravel Tutorials / May 28, 2015

6 Tricks for Laravel Collections

Jeff Madsen has a new post covering six tricks for working with Laravel collections. His tricks cover the follow methods: find() where() where() & lists() implode() groupBy() as a union Using find with an array is one I never remember: $collection = AppPerson::find([1, 2, 3]); Give the post a read and I’m sure you’ll pick …

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