Laravel Credentials Package for Encrypted Application Secrets
Laravel Packages / May 16, 2018

Laravel Credentials Package for Encrypted Application Secrets

Trust me, erasing secret data from version control is open-heart surgery for your VCS. On the other hand, having secrets in version control is helpful to keep track of changes made, given that you do so carefully. Learn about Marcel Pociot’s new package, Laravel Credentials, to store encrypted secret data safely in your Laravel projects.

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Using Variables in Your .env File
Laravel Tutorials / March 21, 2017

Using Variables in Your .env File

Laravel’s .env file is included to use, so it’s easy to have a different configuration based on the environment your app is running on. This gives you the flexibility to have different variables for local, staging, production, and even different developers’ machines. Typically these files are small and manageable, but there are times when you …

Edit your environment files through the browser with Brotzka .env-Editor
Laravel Packages / September 08, 2016

Edit your environment files through the browser with Brotzka .env-Editor

When you’re working with Laravel, every installation includes a .env example file in your application’s root folder. This allows you to keep sensitive information out of version control and makes it easier to have different configurations based on the environment your application is running. Brotzka .env-Editor is a third party package that aims to offer …

Laravel Dot Env Generator
Laravel Packages / March 05, 2015

Laravel Dot Env Generator

laravel-dot-env-gen is a Laravel package to automatically generate and regenerate your .env file. To give an example of how this could be beneficial lets pretend we are cloning an existing Laravel application and we are unsure of all the environmental variables that need to be defined. By running php artisan env:gen the package will automatically …


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