Two packages to easily install PHPCI in Laravel Homestead
Laravel Packages / April 22, 2015

Two packages to easily install PHPCI in Laravel Homestead

A few weeks ago Mike Bronner wrote a tutorial on how to install PHPCI, an open source continuous integration application, in Laravel Homestead. His tutorial demonstrated the manual way of installing it by going through all the steps required. Since this post two new packages have been released to automate this process. The first is …

Laravel Tutorials / April 09, 2015

How To Install PHPCI in Homestead

In this tutorial, Mike Bronner shows us how to install PHPCI in Homestead. If you are not familiar PHPCI is an open source continuous integration application specifically designed for PHP.

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Laravel Tutorials / March 13, 2015

Shell Script to Install PhpMyAdmin on Homestead

pma: Simple shell script that automatically installs the latest version of PhpMyAdmin on a Laravel Homestead box. If you enjoy PhpMyAdmin this looks to save you some time installing it on Homestead.

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Laravel Tutorials / March 13, 2015

Sharing Laravel Homestead Sites

Mike Bronner has a new Homestead tutorial showing you how to share your local environment by utilizing ngrok. There are also other options available for sharing outside of ngrok and I created a quick tutorial on using Finch to share Homestead domains. Give both of these a read and see just how nice these tools …

Laravel Tutorials / March 03, 2015

How to install PHP5 and MCrypt in Yosemite

Mike Bronner has a new tutorial showing how to install the latest version of PHP from a binary that includes the MCrypt extension. The advantage of setting it up this way is it’s easy to remove without messing up your system and you can then run all Artisan commands directly from your Mac. As a …

News / February 26, 2015

Homestead Now With Blackfire Support

It was just announced that Laravel Homestead now includes support for the Blackfire Profiler. Blackfire is a relatively new project created by SensioLabs, the creators of Symfony. Blackfire Profiler automatically instruments your code to gather data about consumed server resources like memory, CPU time, and I/O. But Blackfire Profiler is more than figures; its interactive …

Laravel Packages / November 25, 2014

Station – A Development framework for Homestead

Station is a simple, module based framework for customizing the laravel/homestead vagrant environment.

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News / November 17, 2014

Laravel Homestead 2.0

A brand new release of Homestead is available. Check out the post on Laravel News for links with more details.

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Laravel Tutorials / October 09, 2014

Access Homestead on Local Devices with

To follow up on my Homestead Sharing post yesterday, Christoph Rumpel has a new tutorial on how share with your local devices using Working with virtual machines like Homestead (which is a Vagrant machine) is perfect. You can fit your environment for your project needs and Homestead is perfect for Laravel. But there is …

How to publicly share Laravel Homestead domains
Laravel Tutorials / October 08, 2014

How to publicly share Laravel Homestead domains

Have you ever been developing an application locally and needed to share it with someone? Maybe you’ve gotten stuck on a usability question or a design issue. Wouldn’t it be nice to give someone a URL that points to your local domain? Sharing your local environment can be done, but it has never been super …

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