Material Theme for PhpStorm
Development Tools / October 07, 2015

Material Theme for PhpStorm

I finally had a chance to install this Material theme for PhpStorm and it’s really nice. Great colors, neat file type icons–including a Laravel icon for Blade and an elephant for the PHP files. The theme supports all JetBrains products including WebStorm and PyStorm. It also comes in a default style as shown in the …

Development Tools / June 30, 2015

42 PhpStorm Tips and Tricks

This is a recording of the talk PhpStorm: 42 Tips and Tricks presented by Mikhail Vink at Dutch PHP Conference 2015, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Also, check out the PhpStorm Tips and Tricks post with some tips from the Laravel community.

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Laravel Tutorials / May 29, 2014

Setting up Xdebug on Homestead for PhpStorm

I have always found setting up Xdebug with PhpStom a pain. Last night I was fumbling through trying to get it setup and found this tutorial: I recently installed Homestead for my development environment and discovered Xdebug needed some additional settings before it would work. Here’s a step-by-step process that I used to get PHPStorm …

PhpStorm Tips and Tricks
Development Tools / March 17, 2014

PhpStorm Tips and Tricks

PhpStorm is my code editor of choice and it’s robust. Almost to powerful because it has an immense set of features and settings. I wanted to show you some of the tips and tricks I have learned over the past few months and my workflow. Keymap PhpStorm allows you to rebind every keybinding and even …

Development Tools / January 25, 2014

PhpStorm Blade Syntax Bundle

James Riordon created a new Blade syntax highlighter for PhpStorm. This is based off the Sublime Highligher and created as a textmate plugin which PhpStorm can use. Glad to see this coming to my favorite editor.

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