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Run PHPUnit Tests From Sublime Text
Development Tools / December 28, 2016

Run PHPUnit Tests From Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a great editor. It’s lightweight, fast, and extremely customizable. However, one downside to it compared to a full blown IDE is it doesn’t come with support for running your PHPUnit tests directly from the test class you are working with. To solve this problem, Adam Wathan created and released a free package … Continue reading Run PHPUnit Tests From Sublime Text... Read more…

Development Tools / June 30, 2015

Sublime Text for PHP

Matt Stauffer has a new post out with instructions for setting up Sublime Text for PHP developement. He sets the stage by showing all the features he feels is a “must have” that PhpStorm offers and then shows related packages to achieve the goal: A lot of folks in the PHP community have been checking … Continue reading Sublime Text for PHP

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Master Sublime Text with Sublime Text Power User
Laravel Books / April 21, 2015

Master Sublime Text with Sublime Text Power User

Sublime Text is one of the most popular editors for developers. It has tons of power, extremely light weight, and with a package system the customizations are limitless. I made the switch to it from TextMate years ago and even after all that time I’ve never truly mastered the editor. Wes Bos understood that problem … Continue reading Master Sublime Text with Sublime Text Power... Read more…

Development Tools / January 28, 2015

Laravel 5 Blade Highlighter For Sublime Text

The Laravel Blade Highlighter for Sublime Text by Eric Percifield has just received an upgrade to work with Laravel 5 blade changes. Related: Mastering Sublime Text. This is one of my favorite packages when using Sublime and with 57 thousand installs others seem to agree. If you are already using this you can upgrade via … Continue reading Laravel 5... Read more…

Development Tools / December 18, 2014

16 Sublime Text Shortcuts to improve your workflow

Over on the Viget blog Tommy Marshall shares his overused Sublime Text shortcuts: After giving a presentation that included some live coding, a few audience members asked how I was doing stuff so quickly. Of course there’s no one answer; it’s a combination of a bunch of simple shortcuts and a lot of practice. In … Continue reading 16 Sublime Text S... Read more…

Development Tools / September 22, 2014

Predawn theme for Sublime or Atom

A dark interface and syntax theme for Sublime Text and Atom. The repo also includes new dock icons for Sublime.

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Development Tools / June 09, 2014

Sublime Text Tips

Thank you to Sublime Text Tips for sponsoring this weeks Laravel News. Sublime Text Tips is a free email list that will send you a new Sublime tip every weekday. Also as an added benefit when you join you get a 12 page guide to Sublime’s advanced editing features. Let’s face it, you spend a … Continue reading Sublime Text Tips

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Development Tools / March 27, 2014

Sublime Text Gutter Color

Gutter Color is a Sublime Text plugin which displays a colored icon for all lines which contain a color.

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Development Tools / January 21, 2014

Laravel Blade Highlighter – Sublime Text

This is the only blade syntax highlighter plugin I have found and it’s currently only for Sublime Text. If that is your go to editor then be sure and install this. I would love to see a PhpStorm port and they claim it may already work . However, I didn’t have any luck trying to … Continue reading Laravel Blade Highlighter – Sublime Te... Read more…