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Laravel Packages / April 02, 2016

Manage your Language files from Artisan

Laravel Langman is a new package that turns your console into a language file manager. It helps you search, update, add, and remove translation lines right from an Artisan command. Here is an example usage: php artisan langman:show users Which returns a table of results: ‘+———+—————+————-+ | key | en | nl | +———+—————+————-+ | …

How To Add Multilingual Support to Eloquent
Laravel Tutorials / September 07, 2015

How To Add Multilingual Support to Eloquent

Did you know that several countries throughout the world have more than one official language? For example, my home country Belgium has three; French, Dutch, and German. Most Belgians also speak English. Laravel’s Eloquent ORM is a very powerful part of Laravel. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide support for multilingual models out of the box. Adding …