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Vue.js v2.4.0 is now released
News / July 13, 2017

Vue.js v2.4.0 is now released

Vue.js v2.4.0 is now released and available. This version features full SSR + async component support in core, easier creation of wrapper components, better performance, and more.

Here is a highlight of the new features:

Full SSR + async component support in core

SSR now supports rendering async components used anywhere and the client also supports async components during the hydration phase. This means async components / code-splitting now just works during SSR and is no longer limited at the route level

Easier creation of wrapper components:

New component option: inheritAttrs. Turns off the default behavior where
parent scope non-prop bindings are automatically inherited on the component root
as attributes.

New instance properties: $attrs & $listeners. $attrs contains the parent-scope attribute bindings that were not recognized as props, and $listeners contains the v-onlisteners registered in the parent scope (without the .native modifier). These are essentially aliases of $ and $, but are reactive.

Combining these allows us to simplify a component like this down into this:

  <input v-bind="$attrs" v-on="$listeners">


Support v-on object syntax with no arguments. This pairs well with the new $listenersinstance property when creating higher-order components. Note this syntax does not support modifiers.

v2.4.0 also features a number of bug fixes and you can find the complete change log on the Vue.js releases page.

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