Write for Laravel News

Have a Laravel tutorial idea? Want to share your knowledge with the community?

Laravel News runs on content, and we are always looking for ways to bring the best information to the community. With our guest writing program, we want to bring new voices to the community and give you promotion through the author bio and social shares.

Laravel News is willing to pay for some articles, particularly tutorials and inspiring developmental content.


Laravel News caters to everyone from beginners all the way through seasoned experts that have used the framework for years. Tutorials can be targeted to anyone in this range; however, we ask that expert topics are approachable and understandable by mid-level developers.

Article Ideas

Laravel's motto is "developer happiness from download to deploy," and that gives plenty of areas for tutorials and workflows. Here are some examples of requests we've had recently:

  • Any high quality tutorials on Laravel features
  • Homestead vs Valet
  • Laravel With Docker
  • API Development with Larave/Lumen
  • Unit Testing
  • Mastering Developer Tools

Examples of past articles include:

Process and Requirements

Getting your article published on Laravel News goes through several steps; here is an outline of the entire process:

  • Submit the draft as Markdown or some other format like a Word document.
  • We move it to an app which allows editing like Draft or Google Docs.
  • We review the article for clarity and to be sure any code is clean and understandable.
  • Once that revision is finished it goes through a final edit for grammar and sentence structure.
  • Finally, we move it to the CMS and schedule it for publishing.

We do ask that the minimum word length is at least 500 words, and it can be as long as it needs to be cover the topic.

Ready to get started? Contact us with your idea to get the ball rolling.