75 Laravel Tutorials, Packages, and Resources from 2014

75 Laravel Tutorials, Packages, and Resources from 2014

This year is coming to a close and to celebrate I put together this post of all the greatest hits each month. This features cool packages, resources, and tutorials that came out over the year.


On Community
Taylor’s post on his reaction when Laravel became the most starred PHP framework

Chris Fidao started the popular Vagrant Provisioning Bash Scripts project.

Switching to PhpStorm
I made the switch and haven’t looked back. That says a lot if you know me.

A Laravel package that allows you to get up and running with real-time event-driven PHP apps using WebSockets.


What is the IoC Container
Vegi Bit wrote up a tutorial explaining the IoC container

Laravel Envoy was released
I <3 Envoy :)

Laravel Tricks Went Open Source
Nice of those guys to share all their hard work with the community.

Laravel Cookbook
Chris Pitt released his book and I did a review of it.

Goodbye Laravel Bundles
My first Laravel app became deprecated. Thanks Composer.

Blade on Steroids
Providing some additional features to Laravel Blade.


Organizing Snappy
Taylor shared how he structured the Snappy codebase.

Cashier was announced
Taking the pain out of recurring billing.

Using Composer without Git-Ignoring Vendor
Lorna Jane shared her method and I also shared how we set it up with Snappy.

PhpStorm Tips and Tricks
I asked the community for their best tips and tricks.

Neurotic Laravel
Laravel’s comments are border line OCD. :)

Dispatcher was released
Artisan command used to schedule artisan commands within your project so you don’t need to touch your crontab when deploying.

Spam prevention for Laravel apps.

Where did the name Laravel come from?
Sort of well known now.

March also featured #facadegate but I’ll skip rehashing any of that :)


Protect or disable Artisan commands in production
Chris Duell shared a great tip which later was added to the core.

Blade Template Extraction
Chris Pitt shared ways of extracting your views and I shared mine.

Single Page Laravel Application
I wrote up a blog post in response to a question I received.

Laravel Tip – Break up your routes
A fun post with some great comments.

Laravel Plugin for Oh My ZSH
Make your terminal better, stronger, and faster.

Also in April we discovered TDD is dead or not dead.


10 Minutes with Tim Griesser
Tim ported Eloquent to Node and gave a talk at Laracon NY

Rebuilding Laravel
Chris Pitt started his popular rebuilding Laravel series.

The Laravel Dragon
The mystery of the Laravel Dragon.

How to be awesome in Phpstorm
Laracasts gave us 25 videos to be more efficient with Phpstorm.

Laracon NY
I put all the talks and information in one place.   

Laracon NY Photos
The conference of selfies.

Laravel Forge
Forge was announced as part Taylor’s talk at Laracon

Laravel Homestead
To go along with Forge, homestead was released.

The Artisan Files
I started off this new series.


Laravel 4.2 is released
PHP 5.4, better integration with Homestead and forge, Cashier, new Mail Drivers

Things Developers Say
There is so much back-knowledge needed to be a web developer today that many are derailed for months trying to learn everything they need to know before they can learn anything at all.

Validating, a validation trait for Laravel
Ensures that models meet their validation criteria before being saved.

Stapler works by attaching file uploads to database table records.

Eloquent Sluggable
A slug trait for your models.

Wildcard Subdomains with Laravel Forge
A tutorial showing you just how easy this is.


Announcing LaraJobs
The UserScape team launched a Laravel Job Board

Getting started with Doctrine 2 and Laravel
Philip Brown created a tutorial on getting started with Doctrine in Laravel

Inviting Arkansas interviewed Taylor Otwell
It’s a rather funny interview. A classic non-tech journalist. 

Laravel Virtuoso
Increase flexibility and reduce code duplication by easily composing complex View Composers.

Blade “or” operator
Simple ternaries in Blade


Laravel’s Future
Taylor goes part-time at UserScape

Phpstorm gets blade support
Highlighting, completion, navigation, find usages, inspections, folding, custom directives and more

Laracasts launched a forum
I’m glad I took a screenshot with this post, they have changed a lot since then.

Inverse seed generator (iSeed) is a Laravel 4 package that provides a method to generate a new seed file based on data from the existing database table.

All the videos and slideshows.

New Laravel 5 features
All the new features for Laravel 4.3, I mean 5.0. This list is out of date now.


Laravel ElePHPant
Support the Laravel project and show that you love PHP with the Laravel ElePHPant. Add Liona to your collection!

Laravel 4.3 became 5.0
And all the posts referencing 4.3 became 404’s :)

Laravel Liferaft
Codepen for Laravel!

Blade Changes in Laravel 5
Some important changes to the way data is escaped.

No Capes
Kayla Daniels started her No Capes project.

Laravel Blade @each
Easy way of looping a collection


Searchable, a search trait for Laravel
Searchable is a trait for Laravel 4.2+ that adds a simple search function to Eloquent Models.

Tips for versioning a Laravel API
Chris Pitt created a tutorial giving tips on versioning of an API

Full Stack Radio
Adam Wathan started a new podcast.

Larvel™ a new enterprise framework
Chris released a new framework. Parody of course.


Artisan Files — Volume 1
I bundled up all the developer interviews into an e-book.

Laravel’s Future Part 2
Taylor announces he is going full time with Laravel.

Homestead 2.0
Laravel released version 2.0 of Homestead

Laravel 5 Scheduler
A brand new feature coming in Laravel 5 is an Artisan scheduler.

Station – A development framework for Homestead 
Station is a simple, module based framework for customizing the laravel/homestead vagrant environment.

Tuts Plus Covers the IoC container
Jason Lewis shows you everything you need to know about Laravel’s IoC Container


Composer got a massive speed increase
and developers across the world said, THANK YOU!

Laravel Forge with Namecheap SSL
I move Laravel News to an SSL and documented some of the steps.

Laravel PHP_CodeSniffer
Antonio Ribeiro released a Laravel code sniffer package.

10 things that will make you a better developer
Christoph Rumpel asked 10 developers what they think will make you a better developer. I added my three to this post.

Five Minutes with PHP Bard
You should just read it. It’s great :)

Five Minute Geek Show
Matt Stauffer started a new vlog or podcast. I’m not sure what it’s called but I like it.

In Laravel 5 – dd gets an upgrade
Laravel 5 has replaced the dd(), dump and die, function to use Symfony VarDumper

Wrap Up

2015 is going to be exciting with the release of Laravel 5, and all the tutorials and packages that are sure to follow. A huge thanks to the community for sharing in 2014.

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