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Being an active part of the Laravel community has been instrumental in the growth of Fathom Analytics. Laravel News is the best place to connect with and get in front of that community. — Paul Jarvis - cofounder of Fathom Analytics

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The Laravel News partners section is a great way to get your product or service in front of thousands of Laravel developers and enthusiasts. We have a large audience of developers that are looking for new tools and services to use in their projects. Plus you get the SEO benefits of a link from a high ranking site.

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The Laravel News weekly newsletter is sent every Sunday morning at 8AM EST to over 46K Laravel developers and averages over 45% open rates.

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Sponsored content is the best way to get your product or service in front of as many Laravel developers as possible. You will supply the content and we will handle the rest.

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The Laravel News podcast is the perfect way to build brand awareness through audio. With an average of 4,500 downloads per episode it’s the perfect opportunity to get in the ears of Laravel developers.

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The Laravel News social sponsorship will share your message out to our social channels. Followers on each service: Linkedin 110k+, X (twitter) 100k+, Facebook 40k+

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Laravel News has been our most engaged, highest value community sponsorship. We’ve really valued working with you and everyone in the Laravel community. — Grace Cheung - Growth Marketing Manager at BugSnag