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Every day the Laravel community creates awesome tutorials and packages and this section allows anyone to submit their work.

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Tips & Tutorials / 5 hours ago

GitHub Actions for PHP Developers

Added by Stefan Zweifel

Tips & Tutorials / 6 hours ago

Tips for Laravel Performance Optimization

Added by jebran ali

Tips & Tutorials / 6 hours ago

Typed properties in PHP 7.4

Added by BrenDt

Tips & Tutorials / 6 hours ago

Vuejs Prop Validations

Added by Harish Kumar

Packages / 3 days ago

A package to control the flow of time

Added by Freek Van der Herten

Tips & Tutorials / 3 days ago

Open a GitHub Pull Request From Your Terminal

Added by AnthonyTerrell

Packages / 3 days ago

Simple immutable drop in currency converter for PHP

Added by Gustavo Ocanto

Opinion / 3 days ago

Guidelines to Follow before Hiring a Laravel Development Company

Added by Hemendra Singh

Tips & Tutorials / 4 days ago

Laravel Tip: 5 examples of why you should be using Macros

Added by Peter Fox

Packages / 4 days ago

Synchronize and migrate data between the application and the database

Added by Fernando Miranda

Video / 4 days ago

Taylor Otwell's Q&A session at Laravel Live UK 2019

Added by Freek Van der Herten

Event / 4 days ago

Laravel UK 2019 – Day 2

Added by Oliver Sarfas

JavaScript / 5 days ago

LaravelMicro.js - A Frontend IOC Framework for Web Artisans

Added by BayAreaWebPro

Tips & Tutorials / 5 days ago

Generating Vue Files With Artisan Command

Added by Gergo D. Nagy

Packages / 5 days ago

Sybase ASE based Eloquent module extension for Laravel 5.x

Added by Mateus Junges

Press Release / 5 days ago

A new coat of paint for

Added by Freek Van der Herten

Event / 6 days ago

Laravel Live UK - Day 1

Added by Oliver Sarfas

Tips & Tutorials / 6 days ago

Refactoring to actions

Added by Freek Van der Herten

Tips & Tutorials / 6 days ago

How to set Social Sharing Images

Added by James Mills

Press Release / 6 days ago

Feedback Requested for the Next Phase of Guzzler

Added by Adam Kelso

Packages / 6 days ago

Pipe Dream for Laravel (schema/files/API creation package)

Added by ajthinking

Tips & Tutorials / 1 week ago

An alternative way to organize the Laravel directory structure

Added by Stefan Bauer

Applications / 1 week ago

7Up Link a laravel link shorter application.

Added by Ali Ghasemzadeh

Packages / 1 week ago

Object Oriented OpenAPI Specifications

Added by Matt Inamdar

Tips & Tutorials / 1 week ago

A Look At PHP's isset()

Added by Liam Hammett

Tips & Tutorials / 1 week ago

Using a UUID in a Laravel Eloquent model

Added by Barry van Veen

Packages / 1 week ago

Laravel Morphable

Added by Var McDonald