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Every day the Laravel community creates awesome tutorials and packages and this section allows anyone to submit their work.

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Podcast / 2 hours ago

North Meets South | Logging stacks, proxying SQL, and database clusters

Added by Michael Dyrynda

Packages / 2 hours ago

Laravel tournaments

Added by Julien Cappiello

Tips & Tutorials / 2 hours ago

Automatically Start Laravel Horizon with Vessel

Added by Scott Wilcox

Video / 2 hours ago

Laravel Wink Package: Medium-like Blogging Experience

Added by PovilasKorop

Packages / 2 hours ago

Larvel jwt API authentication with kauth

Added by Mostafa Kamal

Tips & Tutorials / 2 days ago

Interactive learning platform for modern JavaScript

Added by Jad Joubran

Packages / 2 days ago

Laravel Heartbeat

Added by Simon Gaudreau

Tips & Tutorials / 2 days ago

Laravel API Errors and Exceptions: How to Return Responses

Added by PovilasKorop

Packages / 4 days ago

Laravel ReCAPTCHA v3

Added by Roberto Belotti

JavaScript / 4 days ago


Added by Vincent Klaiber

Video / 4 days ago

Laravel Modules Package: Review and Demo-Project

Added by PovilasKorop

Tips & Tutorials / 4 days ago

How to update your Laravel/Homestead box

Added by Pim Hooghiemstra

Packages / 4 days ago

A package to use artisan tinker in your browser

Added by Freek Van der Herten

Tips & Tutorials / 4 days ago

Reducing Vue application file size with Laravel Mix

Added by Patrick Brouwers

Packages / 4 days ago

Laravel GeoLocation-Based Routes for Laravel 5

Added by yak0d3

Packages / 4 days ago

JavaScript Query Builder

Added by Coderello

Packages / 4 days ago


Added by Džuris

Packages / 6 days ago

A Laravel multi-database tenancy implementation that respects your code

Added by Samuel Štancl

Tips & Tutorials / 6 days ago

Laravel Form with jQuery UI Tabs: Validation Error Redirect to Active Tab

Added by PovilasKorop

Applications / 6 days ago

Twitter Bot

Added by Naif

Packages / 6 days ago

APNs (.p8) notifications channel for Laravel 5.3+

Added by Semyon Chetvertnyh

JavaScript / 1 week ago

Introducing Javel

Added by Loris Leiva

Video / 1 week ago

Building My Portfolio: Step 1 - Narrative & Vision

Added by Nick Basile

Packages / 1 week ago

Laravel Blogger/BLogspot

Added by Dedy Yugo Purwanto

Tips & Tutorials / 1 week ago

APNs (.p8) notifications channel

Added by Semyon Chetvertnyh