Zack Teska

Zack, Senior Developer at Kirschbaum, began his career as a web application developer almost 20 years ago when he started tinkering with PHP in his basement. Since then, his passion for learning and experimentation has driven his work with companies across several industries. He enjoys identifying business issues and discovering impactful, elegant solutions.

Having studied dance at St. Olaf College, Zack finds opportunities to incorporate wellness and the creative beauty of movement in both the digital and analogue worlds. Zack specializes in PHP, Laravel, VueJS, and Javascript, as well as Docker, Kubernetes, and CI/CD pipelines; and is always interested in learning something new.

Laravel OpenAPI Validator image

Laravel OpenAPI Validator

Using an OpenAPI spec is a great way to create and share a contract to which your API adheres. This package will automatically verify both the request...

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Language in Dev Culture image

Language in Dev Culture

How we use language in development-centric circles is as important as the code we design and the sprints (development iterations) we plan. Especially...

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