ArtisanConf – A new Laravel Conference in London


April 20th, 2015


ArtisanConf is a brand new Laravel conference scheduled for July 9th and 10th in London, England. The venue is being held at the Barbican, Europe’s largest multi-arts and conference venue. With capacity for up to 300 attendees.

Jonty Behr is one of the organizers of ArtisanConf, and I asked him why he decided to start this new conference. “Laravel is incredibly popular in the UK, and a lot of developers have been requesting a UK based conference for a while. Although the guys at LaraconEU do an amazing job, not all developers in the UK are able to travel to Amsterdam and we hope to help, educate and build their experience within the community.”

The conference already has some amazing (and well known) speakers lined up. Plus they are hoping that there will be something for both beginners and the experienced at ArtisanConf. There will be two full days of talks and more details will be released soon.

Tickets can already be purchased and they have an open CFP if you’d like to speak.

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