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November 29th, 2019

Learn JavaScript with Wes Bos

Wes Bos just launched his latest course — Beginner JavaScript. In this premium video course you’ll learn modern JavaScript from scratch:

A rock solid understanding of JavaScript is essential for success, no matter which framework you use. This course will give you that.

JavaScript is hard to learn. Frustration, abandonment and rage quits all stem from trying to use something when we don’t understand how things work.

Being able to make your ideas is a super power. Invest in a solid base and you’ll slam dunk anything that comes your way.

Beginner JavaScript comes with 85 videos over 15 modules, and you learn to build a few apps along the way. Here’s are some of the things you can expect to learn in this JavaScript course.

JavaScript Basics

  • Browser, Editor and Terminal Setup
  • Running and Loading JS
  • Variables and Statements
  • Code Quality Tooling with Prettier and ESLint
  • Types – Strings, Numbers, Objects, null and undefined, Booleans and Equality
  • Functions – Built-in, Custom, Parameters and Arguments
  • Different Ways to Declare Functions
  • Debugging Tools
  • Scope, Hoisting, Closures
  • The DOM
  • Objects, Maps, Arrays
  • Prototypes – new, this, inheritance
  • Prototypes and Prototypal Inheritance
  • The Event Loop and Callback Hell
  • Async, Promises, Ajax, API’s

This course is 100% beginner-friendly. No JavaScript experience required. Basic HTML and CSS knowledge is assumed. It’s designed to be skip-able too, so if already know something, skip that lesson or segment, or jump around to what most interests you today and come back to the rest. later.

This course is jam-packed with JavaScript knowledge and it’s perfect for learning it from scratch or for brushing up on your skills. Having been through other courses that Wes offers I can say he is an excellent teacher and you’ll definitely learn a lot.

Pick up Beginner JavaScript today and save 50% as part of his Black Friday sale.

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