Bootstrap 4.1 Released


April 12th, 2018


This week the Bootstrap team released the first minor version of Bootstrap 4, version 4.1! On the heels of ten new Bootstrap themes that shipped last month, the next version has some new utility classes, fixes, and documentation updates.

New Utility Classes

It was hard not to notice the number of new utility classes that shipped in Bootstrap 4.1. Here’s a list of the highlighted utility classes in Bootstrap 4.1:

  • .flex-fill, .flex-grow-*, and .flex-shrink-* utilities
  • .text-monospace utility
  • .text-body (default body color), .text-black-50 (50% opacity black), and .text-white-50 (50% opacity white) utilities
  • .shadow-* utility for adding box shadows
  • Responsive utilities .w-auto and .h-auto

The release includes more than this list; you should check out the full ship list at the end of this post for a reference to all the new utilities.

Documentation Updates

You can now jump between Bootstrap 4.0 and 4.1 documentation in the UI like so:

With Bootstrap 4.0, the documentation was moved to a versioned documentation setup, so that each minor release has its specific documentation URL. For example, 4.1 is, and you can still get back to 4.0 with

This version also adds more documentation of classes as well as clarify some parts of the docs. The scope of Bootstrap 4 is tremendous, and they’ve done an excellent job documenting Bootstrap giving the docs a lot of updates with this release.

Bootstrap 4 Themes

Back in February Bootstrap 4 launched a theme marketplace where you could buy and sell premium bootstrap themes. The themes are built with Bootstrap 4, and sellers go through an application process to become eligible to sell themes. Some of the themes are built by the Bootstrap team, and I’d bet that buying a theme for educational purposes could be a great way to see how experienced Bootstrap developers build themes with Bootstrap. You can browse and preview themes as well as apply at

Learn More

Check out the full ship list for Bootstrap 4.1 for a complete list of everything contained in the new release. Be sure to check out the official release announcement too!

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