Bootstrap 4 Final Beta Released


December 28th, 2017

Bootstrap 4 Final Beta Released

Bootstrap CSS has just released its last beta release (v4.0.0-beta.3) of the new Bootstrap 4 codebase.

It’s the final beta! Our last breaking changes are in—and they’re big ones!—and v4 stable is just around the corner.

— Bootstrap (@getbootstrap) December 28, 2017

The focus of this release is around forms and fixes in other key areas:

Beta 3 primarily focuses around our forms, but it also includes key fixes to tables, some global styles, our documentation, and some JavaScript bugs. Following this release, we’ll address a few issues and PRs before doing a stable v4 release a week or two into the New Year.

As mentioned, the final Bootstrap 4 beta has breaking changes since the last beta. The good news is that no expected breaking changes will occur between beta 3 and the final release.

Some of the highlights of V4.0.0-beta.3 include:

  • Rewrote native and custom check controls. Both browser default and custom checkboxes and radios now have simpler markup after removing the <input> from the <label>. Now, all checkboxes and radios have a parent <div> and sibling <input> and <label> pair. This is essential for form validation and disabled inputs because we can use the input’s state to style the label. In addition, custom checkbox and radio elements no longer have a .custom-control-indicator. This is generated from the new .custom-control-label.
  • Input groups were rewritten with specific .input-group-{prepend|append} classes. The new approach allows us to support validation styles and messages within input groups, while also adding support for custom selects, custom file inputs, and multiple .form-controls.
  • Responsive tables are once again parent classes to avoid accessiblity issues with changing a <table>’s display.
  • Deleted the .col-form-legend class, consolidating it’s styles into the .col-form-label class.

Check the migration guide for more information.

The stable v4 release should be available in the first or second week of January 2018! For complete details see the Bootstrap official announcement.

If you want to start using Bootstrap 4 with Laravel now, check out our Bootstrap 4 preset for Laravel 5.5. It should be updated to the latest v4.0.0-beta.3 release early next week.

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