Botman Playground: Start Your Next Chatbot Idea In Your Browser

Botman Playground: Start Your Next Chatbot Idea In Your Browser

Marcel Pociot recently launched a course called “Build A Chatbot,” a step-by-step video course on developing, extending, and testing Chatbots and Voicebots. Marcel is the author of Botman, a PHP chatbot framework for building chatbots.

Along with his Build a Chatbot course, Marcel launched Botman Playground, which provides a quick way to get started building and debugging chatbots without setting up a local development environment.

When developing chatbots locally, you need to set up something like Ngrok to receive webhook responses on your local environment, and the whole process can be a bit cumbersome.

In Marcel’s own words:

BotMan Playground makes this [setting up a chatbot] very easy, because it will give the user a ready-to-use setup. It contains a code editor where Botman commands can be written, it has a web widget to instantly test the new commands and it also allows users to connect their chatbots to real messenger services.

Playground makes dealing with those issues a thing of the past, and provides you an editor in the browser where you can focus on building your bot instead of configuring environments:

Botman Playground

Botman Playground gives you simple instructions for setting up your external chat services like Facebook messenger, Telegram, and Cisco Spark:

Botman Playground Facebook Chatbot Setup

You can gain access to the Botman playground by signing up for Marcel’s Build a Chatbot course, which is in early access at the time of writing, which includes:

  • Learn how to develop, test and improve a chat- or voice-based bot.
  • Access to the first 41 lessons (more than 3 1/2 hours of content) – stream and download
  • Access to BotMan Playground, an online IDE for your next chatbot
  • Source code to each lesson as individual Playgrounds
  • Lifetime access to all new material that’s added to this course

Considering that Marcel created Botman, this course is going to give you a jumpstart like no other on writing chatbots in PHP! Check it out at

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