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Laravel Cashier, PHP 7.1, and domPDF Issue
News / January 11, 2017

Laravel Cashier, PHP 7.1, and domPDF Issue

Laravel Cashier includes the ability to generate PDF invoices through the dompdf PHP package. A bug has been discovered in dompdf when used in PHP 7.1, and it causes an “A non-numeric value encountered” exception.

Based on the issue report and the subsequent pull request a fix is now in their develop branch. However, Cashier requires ^0.7.0 so the fix is not available yet through the typical Composer workflow.

If you are utilizing Cashier invoices and are thinking of upgrading to PHP 7.1, it’s best to wait until this fix is merged into their next stable release. In the issue tracker, they haven’t given any sort of ETA and if you are affected by this is would be a good idea to subscribe to that so you are instantly updated.

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