Cashier Stripe Adds Support for Managing Customer Tax IDs


May 4th, 2021


Cashier Stripe v12.13 ships with some helpful new methods for managing customer Tax ID's for stripe customers:

These methods are useful for storing tax ID information in Stripe alongside other user account information found in Stripe. Here's a text version of the code examples in pull request #1137 that you can start using in Cashier Stripe to manage tax IDs:

// Return all of the customer's TaxIDs in a collection instance...

// Retrieve a specific TaxID from the customer...

// Create a new TaxID for the customer...
$user->createTaxId($type, $value);

// Delete a TaxID from the customer...

To get started with Cashier Stripe, check out the Laravel billing documentation. The Stripe API documentation for Customer Tax IDs is another helpful resource if you'd like to learn more about the APIs Cashier uses to manage customer data.



  • Add methods for managing TaxIDs (#1137)


  • Fix receipt comments (#1131)

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