Chipper CI (sponsor)


May 5th, 2020

Chipper CI (sponsor)

Chipper CI has been in a private closed-beta since Laracon 2019 (remember when humanity went to conferences?), and in the meantime, we’ve been hard at work making it as easy, stable, and speedy as possible. Thanks to that early customer feedback, we’ve been able to really hone the core Chipper CI experience, fixing bugs, and bringing essential features to the Laravel continuous integration workflow.

So we’re super-excited to announce that we’re opening Chipper CI to the public on Tuesday, May 5th. Along with the launch and fresh website design, we’re also announcing a brand-new free tier. The free tier includes 50 free builds per month… enough for a small side-project or to show your boss how Chipper CI works ;-). Of course, if you need a few more builds to really get a feel for it, feel free to get in touch and we can bump that up a bit!

When we started thinking about a release date, we wanted to launch Chipper CI with a big marketing push. However, the rise of the coronavirus epidemic made everything a bit uncertain and we started to think about pushing the launch until a “better” time.
But we realized that launching our new free tier is perfect for times like these.

Many of us have been stuck at home…and some of us have been lucky enough to have free time for side projects, (yes, I’m subtweeting my kids). And since we know money is tight for some of us, we realized while other companies are offering services discounted or for free, this was the perfect time for us to do the same by make the new free tier available.

For our paid tier customers, we’re excited to announce annual plans will be available as well, and the discount is like getting 2 months for free. Also, team build concurrency is now configurable from within the team billing page. No more emails asking us to bump it up!

We’re really excited to launch version 1.0 of the product, and to welcome everyone to try out Chipper CI for your Laravel project!


Many thanks to Chipper CI for sponsoring Laravel News this week

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