CMS for any website, on any platform (sponsor)

CMS for any website, on any platform (sponsor)

Make any webpage editable

Add CMS functionality to any website, on any platform.

  • Setup is simple for developers: copy & paste into your HTML
  • Edits are easy for everyone else: no new tools to learn

Check it out

Component IO is a modular content management system (CMS) you can add to any website, with any tech stack, language, or framework. It saves developers time by enabling clients and team members to make content edits on their own.

Make changes to your site without re-deploying your code, and edit content live, directly from your own webpage. Create different versions of your site and publish them when you’re ready, or easily switch between versions of your site whenever you want.

Component IO is built by web developers to make web development easier, and that’s exactly what it does. Try it free at

Many thanks to Component.IO via Syndicate Ads for sponsoring Laravel News this week.

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