Laravel Collective HTML package is abandoned


September 6th, 2023

Laravel Collective HTML package is abandoned

The Laravel Collective recently announced that they are abandoning the project, and once Laravel 11 is out, it'll no longer work.

Most of the Collective packages have alternatives still actively maintained and one of the most popular ones is the HTML package that includes all sorts of helpers for dealing with common things all sites need, such as forms and form fields.

If you've been using the laravelcollective/html package, its now time to update it and move to the spatie/laravel-html package.

This will be a manual conversion because although the packages are similar, both APIs differ. If you are using it in a few places, it would be easiest to convert to raw HTML.

However, if you use it substantially Laravel Shift has an automatic conversion to migrate to Spatie HTML which can save your hours of work.

To sum it up:

  • Laravel Collective HTML will no longer work when Laravel 11 is released.
  • Consider switching to raw HTML or the Spatie HTML package
  • If you want to automate the upgrade, use Shift.

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