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August 14th, 2017

Easily add content management anywhere on your site

Component IO lets you avoid endless back-and-forth work when your team wants to make changes to content on your website. It’s a modular, component-based content management system that is easy to add anywhere, on any new or existing website.

Empower your team to make changes themselves directly from your web page without having to learn a new tool or ask you to update the code every time.

Component IO is built with Vue.js and works with every language, framework & platform and is 100% customizable.

Simple setup

Setup is as simple as copy and paste. You add component tags to your HTML with a single script tag at the bottom and everything just works. For example:

<component key=klaln load=b></component>

<script project="example" src="https://cdn.component.io/v1"></script>

This component adds a content block with a picture of a beach Corgi and could be placed anywhere on your web page. Check it out: https://jsfiddle.net/component/1py4jmyp/

Edit everything

Editing content is easy for non-technical users — they can open a pop-up editor directly from your own web page and make content changes themselves:

There are no new tools they have to learn and no new dashboard they have to navigate. They can make edits themselves and see updates directly on the website.

Components are 100% customizable

You can completely customize the look and functionality of any component by adding custom input fields and custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

This means you can replace anything on your website — content blocks, images, navigation menus, social media links, and more — with modular, editable components.

For the whole team

Whether you work solo, with a team, or with clients, everyone saves time when edits are easy.

You can create and collaborate across multiple projects, and manage invites & editing privileges all from one account.

Built by web developers to make web development simpler

Save time by making your workflow less complicated, and empower your clients and non-technical teammates to make changes on their own.

Component IO is free for small projects and has fair, usage-based pricing at scale: stop spending time on content changes and do something interesting instead.

Set up your project for free at Component IO

Many thanks to Component IO for sponsoring Laravel News this week.

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