Learn to start testing your existing codebase with Confident Laravel


August 15th, 2019

Learn to start testing your existing codebase with Confident Laravel

The creator of Laravel Shift and Laracon speaker Jason McCreary announced the release of his course Confident Laravel – from no tests to confidently tested.

Jason has a unique insight into test coverage (or lack thereof) in many Laravel projects thanks to his service Laravel Shift:

Of the 15,000 Laravel applications upgraded by Shift, only 17% have tests.

The course is designed to help you get started with testing in existing codebases that might not have tests and teaches you where/how to get started. Jason has also released a Test Generator Shift which generates test cases for all of your controller actions as well as create factories for all your models.

Course Details

The Confident Laravel course consists of four lessons containing 24 lessons (32 videos if you buy the master package):

  • Lesson 1: Start Testing
  • Lesson 2: Testing Application Code
  • Lesson 3: Testing Integrations
  • Lesson 4: Testing Additional Classes

At the time of writing, the course includes the following materials:

  • Video Course (24 videos)
  • Testing Tips Reference
  • Bonus Videos (Master Package)
  • Group Q&A Calls (Master Package)

Confident Laravel has two options available for purchase:

  • Starter Bundle – $129 $89
  • Master Bundle – $229 $149

To learn more about the course and to purchase, visit confidentlaravel.com.

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