Laravel Countries and Currencies Package

Laravel Countries and Currencies Package

Antonio Carlos Ribeiro recently launched a new package that gives you a powerful setup for dealing with the different Countries of the world, all through a comfortable Laravel syntax using Collections.

The package does a lot. Everything from geology and topology, to states, currencies, and time zones.

As I was reviewing it I tried to think of some common use cases that almost every app needs and here are a few examples:

Generate a list of Countries

Need a list of all the countries in the world? It’s as simple as calling:

    "Ă…land Islands",

Generate a list of States

In a lot of registration forms, you need to allow people to pick their state.

Countries::where('name.common', 'United States')
    ->pluck('name', 'postal')

This gives you a result of the states that can then be used in a select list:

    "AL": "Alabama",
    "AK": "Alaska",
    "AZ": "Arizona",
    "AR": "Arkansas",
    "CA": "California",

Get the timezone for a State

Another typical pattern is figuring out a timezone. If you already have the users country and state it’s now super easy:

return Countries::where('name.common', 'United States')->first()->timezone->NC;



Get a countries currency

Need to get information on a specific countries currency? With this package it’s very easy:

Countries::where('name.common', 'United States')->first()->currency;

Which returns:

    "alternativeSigns": [],
    "ISO4217Code": "USD",
    "ISO4217Number": "840",
    "sign": "$",
    "subunits": 100,
    "title": "U.S. dollar",

These examples are just the basics of what can be done. It supports the following countries, states, and currencies:

  • Countries
    • name (common and native)
    • currency
    • languages
    • states
    • timezone
    • flags (sprites, flag icons, svg)
    • tld
    • multiple ISO codes
    • calling code
    • capital
    • alternate spellings
    • region & sub region
    • translations (country name translated to some other languages)
    • latitude and logitude
    • borders (countries) – you can hydrate those borders (like relatioships)
    • area
    • topology
    • geometry
  • Currencies
    • sign
    • ISO codes
    • title
    • subunits
    • usage (dates)
  • States
    • adm codes
    • name & alt name
    • type (state, city, province, canton, department, district, etc.)
    • latitude & longitude
    • language
    • (and many more)

For more information on this package check out the GitHub repo.

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