DreamFactory API automation for any database (sponsor)


August 22nd, 2016

DreamFactory auto-generates a rich API platform from nearly any SQL or NoSQL database. In addition to automatically generating REST endpoints for data and schema, DreamFactory offers parameters for complex filters, virtual foreign keys, aggregation, and much more.


Built on the Laravel framework, DreamFactory is feature-rich backend solution for real world application development. Instant APIs let you build and iterate fast and the Apache license allows for wide distribution.

![Exploring the options for a healthcare application built with DreamFactory.](https://i0.wp.com/wp.laravel-news.com/media/2016/08/fifteenoptimized.gif?resize=525%2C393&ssl=1)
Exploring the options for a healthcare application built with DreamFactory.
The base [DreamFactory code is open source](https://www.dreamfactory.com/downloads?utm_source=laravel_news&utm_medium=sponsored_post&utm_campaign=laravel) and is freely deployed. [DreamFactory Silver](https://www.dreamfactory.com/products?utm_source=laravel_news&utm_medium=sponsored_post&utm_campaign=laravel) uses the same code and adds commercial database functionality and dedicated support. [DreamFactory Gold](https://www.dreamfactory.com/products?utm_source=laravel_news&utm_medium=sponsored_post&utm_campaign=laravel) is an enterprise solution for fully realized developer ecosystems offering granular user and resource management along with exceptional support direct from our engineering team.

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Try it out now on our free hosted system or dig deeper into the possibilities with robust documentation and sample apps for a wide array of front-end destinations.

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