Eloquent Cloner Package

Eloquent Cloner Package

Cloner is a trait for Laravel Eloquent models that lets you clone a model, and it’s relationships, including files. Even to another database.

Here’s a basic example of a model using the Cloneable trait:

class Article extends Eloquent
    use \Bkwld\Cloner\Cloneable;

Here’s how you can clone a model instance, even to another database:

$clone = Article::first()->duplicate();

// Cloned to another database by connection name
$clone = Article::first()->duplicateTo('production');

A more advanced example includes defining which relationships cloned along with the model:

class Article extends Eloquent
    use \Bkwld\Cloner\Cloneable;

    protected $cloneable_relations = ['photos', 'authors'];

    public function photos() {
        return $this->hasMany('Photo');

    public function authors() {
        return $this->belongsToMany('Author');

Check out the documentation for full details on how you can also define how to clone files attached to a model. You can learn more about this app and check out the source code on GitHub at BKWLD/cloner.

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