Eventmie Pro: Multi-Organization Online Event Ticketing Platform


April 5th, 2021

Eventmie Pro: Multi-Organization Online Event Ticketing Platform

Eventmie Pro is a premium and affordable Laravel based multi-organization online event ticketing management system that helps in growing your online event business and gives you an effective outcome.

Eventmie Pro, the event ticketing platform, is 100% secure and production-ready to be installed on your server. It can be used as a fresh new event ticketing website or can be integrated into an existing Laravel website.

And with Eventmie Pro, you can handle the entire process of selling events tickets from scratch to finish, providing value to organizers, customers, and the website owner (Admin).

Q. Are you tired of paying unnecessary commissions on every ticket sale of your online or offline events?
Q. Do you want to stop paying monthly subscriptions to sell your events on someone else's platform?
Q. Are you planning to launch your own event ticket selling platform on your domain?
Q. And are you worried about no offline events and no event business in general due to COVID-19?
Q. Are you still looking for an appropriate event management website solution that is affordable and fits your needs?

Then you should give Eventmie Pro a try.

Repetitive Event

Simple event

Why do you need Eventmie Pro as your event ticketing system?

Eventmie Pro streamlines the process by offering all functionalities you need to sell and manage the whole ticketing process, making the entire process hassle-free for you and your customers.

The good thing with the Laravel based event ticketing system is that you don't necessarily have to be a tech-savvy person. No technical knowledge is required whatsoever to implement a ticketing system and start selling!

Some of the main features of Eventmie Pro:

  • Create schedules for single, multiple & recurring days events & classes and sell their tickets online

Repetitive Event Schedule

  • Timeslots availability check for repetitive event schedules

Timeslots availability check

  • Trouble-Free & simplest Checkout Process

Simplest Checkout Process

  • Auto-generated PDF Tickets with QR Code

PDF Tickets with QR Code

  • Admin Commission processing

Admin Commission processing

  • Admin & Organizer separate taxation

Admin & Organizer separate taxation

  • Easy to use Integrated Ticket Scanner to verify & check-in tickets

Integrated Ticket Scanner

  • Extra Responsive: Desktop, laptop, mobile-friendly user-interface

Extra Responsive

  • Supports multiple locales (RTL support), currencies, timezone (adjustable DateTime format)
  • Event listing with filters like categories, date, price, city, state & country.
  • Supports multiple organizations (multi-vendor) and can be used as a single organization (toggle modes)
  • Admin Panel, Organizer Dashboard, Attendee & Ticket Scanner
  • Monthly, weekly or full advanced payment options
  • Booking cancellations & tickets stock management
  • Organizer Payout Transfer management
  • Refunds Settlements & Reports
  • Export sales reports and event attendees
  • Compatible with Zoom, Google Meet, and all other video conferencing apps.
  • Share events on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Whatsapp & Reddit
  • Dynamic Event Tags e.g Speakers, sponsors, hosts, guests, etc
  • Booking configurations like pre-booking & pre-cancellation time, max ticket quantity purchase limit, etc
  • Auto & Manual Organizer and Event approval
  • Add Events to Google Calendar
  • Categories, blogs, media manager, pages & menu builder, and more
  • Online payment via PayPal payment gateway
  • Offline payment option for Organizers & Attendees
  • Adjustable settings like site logo, branding, commission rates, etc

And complete control over the website directly from the convenience of your admin panel.

Zero Limitations

  • Unlimited users, events, tickets, bookings, etc.
  • No limits, no monthly subscription, nothing at all
  • Just one-time cost, and you get the full source code that you can customize easily

Technical Specs

  • Built with Laravel, Mysql & VueJs on Front-end
  • Can be installed using Eventmie Pro web installer or via composer
  • Fully customizable. If you know Laravel or PHP, you can customize it easily.

Technical & Customization Support

Providing Support When You Need It Most!

Eventmie Pro helps you make your events successful by offering you all the support you need for your event business, sometimes even by going out of the way. Event business, like show business, must go on, and thus it is always best to have support to help you get through issues as quickly as possible.

Classiebit, the creator of Eventmie Pro, works closely with you to help you get successful events without having too much trouble about the ticketing and planning. And we respond quickly to your messages about problems and help you in getting out of them so that you can keep your events on schedule no matter what.

Classiebit also provides full customization support to add any additional features or modify existing ones at fair prices.

Getting Started

To learn more about Eventmie Pro's features and try a demo, check out the official website of Eventmie Pro.

You can also get started quickly with Eventmie Pro Online Documentation and Eventmie Pro Video Tutorials

Eventmie Pro: Multi-Organization Online Event Ticketing Platform

And for the love of open-source, we've also created a free & open-source Laravel package for event management called Eventmie Lite that's available on Github. Eventmie Lite has only limited features in comparison to Eventmie Pro and primarily useful for demo purposes. But Eventmie Lite can be used to sell free event tickets.

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