Fjord: Open-Source Content Administration


June 4th, 2020

Fjord is an open-source content administration package for Laravel that helps you build administration interfaces to maintain your application data:

[Fjord] provides an intuitive interface and the tools needed to manage your project’s Users, Models, and free Forms for Pages, Settings, etc.

Here are the main features, according to the project’s readme:

  • Code Driven Configuration
  • Using Laravel Standards
  • Extendable via Vue Components
  • Form Fields for Models
  • User Management
  • Role And Permission Management
  • Media Management
  • Translatable
  • Headless

You can build editable models around these features, which are then managed via an admin panel and customizable:

Here’s an example of an editable form model you can use to generate the code needed to manage the data, which is party of the CRUD configuration for a given model:

    ->title('Profile Image')
    ->crop(3 / 4)

$form->group(function ($col) {

})->width(2 / 3);

Check out an example CRUD configuration in the playground demo code for an example of the code configuration you will find for a model using this project.

Learn More

Check out the Fjord documentation to learn how to get started and use Fjord with existing Laravel applications. You can try it out with the Fjord Playground, a working demo of a frontend, and the administration side of this project. Finally, you can find the playground source code and aw-studio/fjord on GitHub.

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