Flarum new open source forums

Flarum new open source forums

Beautiful open-source forum software built for the modern web.

Forums and mailing lists are a big part of the Internet. But the software powering them sucks. It’s clunky, bloated, complicated, and frustrating. Forum design hasn’t really changed in the last decade.

We want to take the concept of a forum — a concept that still has so much value in how we interact online — and start again. Not to add another layer on top of what’s already there. But to completely redesign the whole experience, focusing on how people actually use forums. And that’s exactly what we’re doing with Flarum.

This is a new interesting kickstarter endeavor, that seems to be following the style of Ghost and WordPress. Open source and a paid Saas version.

This is what I’m most excited about:

On the surface, Flarum is an Ember.js web application. It consumes a Laravel-powered API, conforming to the JSON-API spec, on top of a MySQL database

I think an important thing to note is the license is going to be GPL.

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