Flysystem v2


December 22nd, 2020

Flysystem v2

Flysystem is a filesystem abstraction library for PHP and is used by Laravel for all the File Storage operations. Recently Frank de Jonge launched v2 of the library.

For the second version of Flysystem I went back to the drawing board. Many of the library’s core design elements have been brushed up and improved. The API is reduced while keeping the same functionality. Error handling is now purely exception based, and directory listings are now backed by generators. Although there are many changes, this version of Flysystem is true to its roots.

Some of the big changes include Exceptions for failures, Deterministic filesystem operations, Content listings with generators, and more. Check out the official v2 announcement post for more details on these changes.

According to Dries Vints, Flysystem v2 support will come in Laravel 9 that is scheduled to be released around the end of February or beginning of March, and here is the related PR with all the changes.

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