Forge Let’s Encrypt Improvements

Forge Let’s Encrypt Improvements

Today I’ve launched improvements to Forge’s Let’s Encrypt SSL support. From now on, Let’s Encrypt certificates generated via Forge do not require you to manually add a scheduled job to renew them. Instead, Forge will automatically install a renewal script on your server that renews the certificates every week, allowing you to have an SSL certificate that is always up to date and trusted in all major browsers.

The new renewal process does not need to call back to the Forge servers, which resolves sporadic errors some users may have received when the Forge server was overwhelmed by certificate renewal requests.

To obtain an auto-renewing SSL certificate, generate and activate a fresh Let’s Encrypt certificate in Forge. No other action is required! Forge will automatically start renewing your certificate each Sunday at a random hour and minute to avoid overwhelming the Let’s Encrypt servers.

If you have previously added Forge scheduled jobs to renew your Let’s Encrypt certificates, you should remove those jobs after generating a new auto-renewing certificate.

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