Front-end Choice Paralysis

Addy Osmani writes:

JavaScript has “Yet another framework syndrome” (how many solutions do we have for MVC, template rendering or data-binding?), Perl has “There’s more than one way to do it” (TIMTOWTDI), and Python has “There should be one obvious way to do it”, The Zen of Python.

We need to start getting realistic with our expectations. Competition can coexist happily, but perhaps the developer with a passing interest in a tool or framework benefits more from limited choice (something highly opinionated) whilst the person with a keen interest and more experience with some of the options available benefits from a broader selection.

This article is mainly talking about Front-end choice but the same could be said for php. I also find myself leaning more toward opinionated systems especially with things that I am not that experienced in. He hits the nail on the head.

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