Genesis is a Starter Kit for the TALL Stack


August 8th, 2023

Genesis is a Starter Kit for the TALL Stack

Genesis is an application starter kit for the TALL Stack, built with Laravel Folio and Volt. It contains Authentication, a user dashboard, a profile page, and a handful of Blade UI components:

Genesis framework for TALL

This preset is new (Folio and Volt are still in beta) and intended to be installed in a fresh Laravel application. Genesis comes with the following pages that will speed up starting a new application using the TALL stack:

  • Auth Confirmation page
  • Auth Login page
  • Auth Register page
  • Auth Reset page
  • Auth Token page
  • Auth Verify page
  • Profile Edit page

I recommend checking out the project's Wiki to learn more about how these pages work.

Besides these pages, you can use the provided UI components. It is an excellent resource to see how they work in Genesis and learn more about building your own UI components in a TALL application.

To get started with this TALL kit, check it out on GitHub at thedevdojo/genesis. As I said, this package is new and still a work in progress, but seems like a very useful way to get started with TALL, Volt, and Folio.

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