Github Adds Draft Pull Requests


February 14th, 2019

Github Adds Draft Pull Requests

Github just launched a brand new feature named draft pull requests that will allow you to start a PR before you are finished implementing all the code changes.

At GitHub, we’ve always felt that you should be able to open a pull request to start a conversation with your collaborators as soon as your brilliant idea or code is ready to take shape. Even if you end up closing the pull request for something else, or refactoring the code entirely, a good pull request is as much about collaboration as it is about code.

But what if you want to signal that a pull request is just the start of the conversation and your code isn’t in any state to be judged? Perhaps the code is for a hackathon project. You have no intention of ever merging it, but you’d still like people to check it out locally and give you feedback. Or perhaps you’ve opened a pull request without any code at all in order to get the discussion started.

With the new draft pull requests feature you can tag when you are still working on a PR and notify the team once it’s ready. This should help pull requests that are prematurely closed, or for times when you start working on a new feature and forget to send a PR. Now you can do it at the beginning of your coding session.

For complete information on this new Github feature, check out their announcement post.

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