GitHub Announces Dependency Graph Support for PHP


September 18th, 2019

GitHub Announces Dependency Graph Support for PHP

Today GitHub announced new dependency graph support for PHP repositories with Composer dependencies. This means that PHP repositories will get security alerts, automatic security fixes, dependency insights, and more.

The benefit to this is when there’s a published vulnerability on any of the Composer dependencies that your project lists in composer.json and composer.lock files, GitHub will send you an alert so you can address it. Plus if you opt in to the automatic beta you’ll get pull requests for your vulnerable dependencies.

To go along with this new feature GitHub has also just become a CVE Numbering Authority which will make it easier for maintainers to report vulnerabilities directly from their repositories. GitHub will assign a CVE ID, post to the CVE List, and then to the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) on a developer’s behalf. By making this process simple and native to the GitHub experience, they believe more vulnerabilities will be disclosed, and then alerted to affected teams more quickly.

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