GitHub Mobile is Now Available for iOS and Android


March 18th, 2020


GitHub announced that GitHub for mobile is generally available now on the App Store and Google Play Store:

At Universe, we announced GitHub for mobile as a fully-native GitHub experience on iOS and Android. Now, you can stay in touch with your team, triage issues, and even merge code, right from your mobile device, anywhere…Today, both the iOS and Android versions of GitHub for mobile are out of beta and generally available.

With GitHub mobile you can:

  • Review and merge pull requests
  • Push notifications for pull requests and issues
  • Respond to comments on the go

The review and merge experience. Credit:

The app also incorporates GitHub’s new default web notifications experience, which means you’ll get a consistent experience either at your desk or on the go with the mobile app:

Inbox, notifications, and tasks. Credit:

For details about the new notifications experience, check out New from Universe 2019 post on the GitHub blog.

For me, using the original mobile interface wasn’t awful, but commenting on pull requests was a bit cumbersome. So far, the native GitHub app has been a much better experience when I need to manage code reviews and issues on the go. The overall experience is better and cohesive with the browser experience.

Check out the full announcement post for further details.

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