GitHub adds ability to quickly review changed functions in your PHP pull requests


February 26th, 2018


GitHub announced that the pull request screen now supports the ability to quickly review changed functions in PHP projects.

“Searching the file finder for the term function or the name of a changed function in a PHP file will provide you with a filtered view of the results, so you can easily identify and view the most impactful parts of a pull request.”, Josh Vera said in the announcement.

Using this new feature is simple and GitHub has instructions outlined in their documentation but it can be completed in these steps:

Visit the pull requests page and in the list, click the one where you’d like to find the changed functions and methods. Once you are on the pull request, click “Files changed” tab. Now, click “Jump to….” and select the changed function or method from the drop-down menu or enter the name of the function or method to filter results.

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