Google Natural Language API for Laravel


May 26th, 2021

Google Natural Language API for Laravel

The laravel-natural-language package makes using the Google Natural Language Processing (NLP) API in your Laravel app a breeze with minimum to no configuration, clean syntax, and a consistent package API.

This package utilizes the google/cloud-language PHP package and provides an interface on top of them to conveniently perform operations on text using the NLP API. Here are some example methods you can easily access via the package’s NaturalLanguage facade:

// Detect the Sentiment: Accepts a string and returns an array.
NaturalLanguage::sentiment(string $text): array
// Detect the Entities: Accepts a string and returns an array.
NaturalLanguage::entities(string $text): array
// Detect the Sentiment per entity basis: Accepts a string and returns an array.
NaturalLanguage::entitySentiment(string $text): array
// Detect the syntax: Accepts a string and returns an array.
NaturalLanguage::syntax(string $text): array
// Detect the categories: Accepts a string and returns an array.
NaturalLanguage::categories(string $text): array
// Annotate text: Accepts a string and an optional features array & returns an array.
NaturalLanguage::annotateText(string $text, array $features = ['sentiment', 'syntax']): array

Natural language processing (NLP) can be helpful to reveal the structure of the text and classify content into predefined categories. Sentiment analysis is beneficial to determine the overall attitude of text, and the API represents it in the form of a score and magnitude values. Sentiment could be helpful to analyze the feedback and reviews provided for products and content on your website, and the use-cases are potentially endless. Perhaps you could flag reviews or comments impacting a product or post negatively to learn from the provided feedback.

I’d encourage you to try out natural language processing and see what data and insights you glean from the results.

Learn More

You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub.

Sometimes project setup can be a little daunting if you’ve never used Google Cloud before. This package has a document to help you create an NLP project and set up a service account JSON key.

If you’d like to learn more about Google’s NLP API, check out the Cloud Natural Language overview page as well as the Quickstarts.

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