Hacktoberfest 2017


September 29th, 2017


Hacktoberfest 2017 is here for a month-long festival of supporting and contributing to open-source. Digital Ocean is partnering with GitHub again this year to support open source software contributions. If you contribute four pull requests in October to any public repo on GitHub, you will get a limited edition T-shirt. You might also catch a new passion for working on open-source in the process!

How can I contribute?

Often the best project to help with is something you use or depend on every day, so start there! Committing code isn’t the only way you can contribute to open-source either. Your pull request could be for documentation, design, branding, UI, etc. For your PRs to count towards your total, you must submit your PRs before the end of October 31st to in any timezone.

I think what sets Laravel apart from other frameworks is the thorough documentation, which has seen nearly 1,000 (965 at the time of writing) different contributors. If you have a project you love, see if they need help documenting features. Documentation and writing is a great way to learn more about a project.

Hacktoberfest encourages OSS maintainers and those looking for ways to contribute to use the hacktoberfest label. Add this label if you are an OSS maintainer and want to encourage participation.

Go sign up today and start finding issues!

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