Harpoon: Next generation time tracking and billing


May 17th, 2021


For years our development team struggled with traditional time-tracking, billing, and financial tools. We were always left wondering:

  • How do we accurately forecast our agency’s finances?
  • How much revenue do we need to generate in order to stay profitable?
  • Are we ahead or behind on our agency’s financial goals?
  • How much profit can we expect to make on this client project?
  • Are we over or under budget for this project?
  • How do we make financial sense of all these spreadsheets?
  • How much can our agency afford to spend each month?
  • How many client projects do we need to take on this year?
  • When should we schedule those projects?
  • Why is time tracking for our team so cumbersome?
  • Why does managing our invoices feel like a full-time job?
  • Why is it so tedious to accurately track our expenses?
  • When is it financially safe to take a vacation?
  • Why is every software product we try so dang complicated?

These kinds of questions were difficult to answer. So we put our heads together and built our dream product aimed at helping agencies, studios, and freelancers run healthy, profitable businesses.

Meet Harpoon, the next generation time-tracking and billing software that not only records your financial past, but also helps you plan and predict a profitable future.

Find out why thriving agencies, studios, and freelancers from around the globe are billing millions and millions in revenue using Harpoon.

Then sign up for a 14-day free trial and give Harpoon a test drive. And if you love it, use the coupon code LARAVELNEWS30 for 30% off the first 3 months of your subscription.

Have questions? Shoot us an email and a real human will kindly respond. No bots involved. :)

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