Laravel Installer Updated With Auth Scaffolding


November 19th, 2019

Laravel Installer Updated With Auth Scaffolding

Taylor Otwell released a new feature for the Laravel Installer v2.3.0 which includes the auth scaffolding using the new --auth flag:

Just released Laravel Installer 2.3.0… added a new "–auth" flag to create a new project with the authentication scaffolding installed and ready to go!

— Taylor Otwell (@taylorotwell) November 18, 2019

Before Laravel 6, you could run make:auth immediately. However, with the release of Laravel 6, the make:auth command moved to a separate laravel/ui package. We wrote a detailed post about the reasoning behind the Laravel UI package and how to generate auth in Laravel 6.

After you update to the latest version, it’s even easier to generate auth:

composer global update laravel/installer
laravel --version
Laravel Installer 2.3.0
laravel new project --auth

If you’re curious about the implementation, you can check out the change: add auth option · laravel/installer@f5ebbff

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