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January 22nd, 2018, a project management tool for agile collaboration, has recently launched their free online Scrum course – VivifyScrum EDU. This course reveals the basics of Scrum framework, through various examples and practices based on real-life experience.

Since this course is a part of, if you already have a VivifyScrum account, then you can use that account to log in to EDU app. However, if you haven’t registered for, you can sign up for free with your email address for VivifyScrum EDU.

The idea behind creating such a course is best described by Goran Prijic, the Product Owner of the VivifyScrum:

“Scrum seems easy to understand, but it is hard to implement it. Without many available online Scrum courses and expensive offline courses, we wanted to offer a free application for learning and implementing Scrum. The course challenges users to think and it offers things that only experienced “Scrummers” are aware of – it offers the tricks-of-the-trade.”

Technology stack

Here is what VivifyScrum EDU developers said about the technology stack they chose for this application:

Backend framework

Laravel 5 was used to develop EDU app. Intuitive syntax, great application structure, simplicity, excellent documentation as well as various amazing features are just some of the reasons why Laravel 5 was chosen.

Fronted framework

Angular v4 was used for the frontend development. Angular CLI was an additional benefit.

Database – MySQL

Regarding the database, MySQL was chosen, since it is the most popular and commonly used RDBMS.

Key features

Small units

This course is divided into 4 big parts – learning about the Scrum basics, Scrum team, Scrum events and Scrum artifacts. Each of these parts is divided into smaller units – lessons – that enable you to learn the basics of Scrum framework quickly and effectively. There are no long lessons that require you to sit and carefully read for hours, which is a great benefit.

Test your knowledge

Every lesson contains quizzes that allow you to follow your progress. The first test is called PreQuiz and it tests what you know about the topic that will be covered in that lesson.

The second quiz – the main one – tests how much knowledge you gained. In this way, you can easily check whether you have missed an important part or whether you acquired the necessary knowledge.

Key takeaways

There is no need to take notes since key takeaways are available in every lesson. You can easily refer to them to review some important concept or to use them for learning.

Knowledge base

Whether you already understand some basic Scrum concepts or you are not sure how to implement them, this course offers a knowledge base that you can use. Due to its interactive design, you can easily choose to find out more about for example Sprint Review or Definition of Done without having to scroll through all lessons.


Once you successfully complete all tests in the lessons, you get a Certificate of completion.

If you want to find out more about and start learning about the Scrum framework, check out the VivifyScrum EDU website.

Many thanks to VivifyScrum for sponsoring Laravel News this week.

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