Invoker (Sponsor)

Invoker (Sponsor)

Invoker is a powerful database client that works directly with Eloquent models. Built specifically for Laravel developers, Invoker is absolutely a “no code” thing. There’s no need to set up the admin panel or install any extra dependencies – Invoker connects to your app’s codebase and does its magic.

Resource management

View, create, and edit existing resources. Walk across and manage relationships from a user-friendly interface. Work with any type of relations, including polymorphic ones. Invoker automatically chooses the appropriate type of field depending on column type, whether it’s a date-picker for “date” field or dynamic select for a foreign key column.


Choose the columns you want to be visible for each model and hide unnecessary ones. Show custom accessors, related resources, and hidden fields.

Event debugging

Debug default model events by triggering them manually. Prevent event firing when you want to create or modify data quietly.

Invoker works with both local apps and remote sites. Import your sites from your Laravel Forge account, or connect over SSH to a remote server.

You can get Invoker for only $15 and make your debugging life easier.

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