Prompt Users to Login When they Have an Expired Session with the isAuth Package


October 18th, 2019


Laravel IsAuth is a Laravel package by Emre Dipi that provides control to check if a user session is dead before submitting forms. If the session is dead, a modal will prompt the user to login.

This package depends on jQuery and Sweet Alert, and a little bit of custom JS which helps provide a modal experience for your login modal:

2 let user={
3 name:"{{$user->name}}",
4 email:"{{$user->email}}",
5 photo:"{{$user->getFirstMediaUrl("image","thumb")}}" //edit this up to your system or just remove this line.
6 };
9 .swal-icon--custom>img{
10 max-height: 250px;
11 border-radius: 50%;
12 }
14<script src="/assets/SpiderWebtr/isAuth/isAuth.js"></script>

You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub at spiderwebtr/isauth. This package is very new, so if you try it out, provide the author with some feedback and submit anything you find issues within a pull request. A password prompt for an expired session is one of those nice touches that are helpful; building your own version might be an excellent exercise in making a package.

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