Bring Laravel Collections to JavaScript with Collect.js


June 17th, 2017

Bring Laravel Collections to JavaScript with Collect.js

Collect.js is a port of Laravel Collections to JavaScript. It’s dependency free and makes working with arrays and objects easy.

Here is an example of utilizing the where method:

const collection = collect([
{'product': 'Desk', 'price': 200},
{'product': 'Chair', 'price': 100},
{'product': 'Bookcase', 'price': 150},
{'product': 'Door', 'price': '100'},
const filtered = collection.where('price', 100);
//=> [
//=> {'product': 'Chair', 'price': 100},
//=> {'product': 'Door', 'price': '100'}
//=> ]

As you can see, it’s almost a one to one map with the Laravel version and it even includes the fairly new Collection Tap method but it does have some differences when dealing with comparisons:

All comparisons in collect.js are done using strict equality. Using loose equality comparisons are generally frowned upon in JavaScript. Laravel only performs “loose” comparisons by default and offer several “strict” comparison methods. These methods have not been implemented in collect.js because all methods are strict by default.

You can install Collect.js through NPM.

npm install collect.js

For complete documentation and installation take a look at the GitHub repo or the NPM page.

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