Jetstream and Breeze Updated to Inertia v1.0 + Dark Mode for Jetstream


January 18th, 2023

Jetstream and Breeze Updated to Inertia v1.0 + Dark Mode for Jetstream

The Laravel team released new versions of Laravel Jetstream and Breeze in which both starter kits have been upgraded to Inertia v1.0. In addition, both now have Laravel 10 support to start testing and prepare the way for the general release on February 7th, 2023.

This week's release also included full dark mode support for Laravel Jetstream thanks to Facundo Otrino.

Inertia v1.0

Laravel Jetstream has support for the Livewire stack as well as the Vue Inertia stack. New Jetstream applications using the Vue Inertia stack will install Inertia v1.0.

Also, Laravel Breeze—which has a Vue and React stack—received upgrades to Inertia v1.0 for each respective stack.

Thanks to Jess Archer and Jonathan Reinink for making Inertia v1.0 ready to use in Jetstream and Breeze!

If you have an existing Breeze or Jetstream app, I suggest following the Inertia upgrade guide and the Inertia v1 pull request for your respective stack:

Jetstream dark mode

Facundo Otrino contributed opt-in dark mode support for Laravel Jetstream.

If you want to enable dark mode when creating a new Jetstream application, you can use the --dark flag:

php artisan jetstream:install {stack} --dark

If you plan to use the Livewire stack without dark mode, be aware that the components will be published during installation to strip dark classes from them:

Following the previous mentioned PR, the dark mode classes will be stripped unless dark mode is enabled. When installing livewire stack without dark mode, the components will be published in order to strip the dark classes from them.

To see more side-by-side comparisons of the light vs. dark mode UI in Jetstream, view Pull Request #1209.

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