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December 11th, 2015

Adam Wathan created a new application named Jigsaw that allows you to quickly generate a flat file site utilizing Laravel Blade.

Installation is through composer as a global package:

composer global require jigsaw/jigsaw:dev-master

Then after the installation, you can run jigsaw init my-site to have a brand new site scaffold out. Once you’ve made changes just run jigsaw build to generate a full HTML site of all your files.

A nice feature that it includes is the ability to have friendly URL’s by converting files like about.blade.php to /about/index.html. That setting is configurable for those that like the .html in their URL’s.

The next time you want to build a simple static site take a look at Jigsaw. The major advantage to this system is most Laravel developers are already comfortable with Blade so building out the templates doesn’t require fighting with some other template system.

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