Laravel Date Filtering Package for Eloquent


September 19th, 2023

Laravel Date Filtering Package for Eloquent

This Laravel Date Filtering package aims to simplify date-based filtering for your Laravel Eloquent models. It provides various methods to filter records based on time and date intervals:

use OmarElnaghy\LaraDateFilters\Enums\DateRange;
$startDate = Carbon::parse('2023-9-03');
// Generic method to filter by various units
duration: 2,
dateUnit: 'day',
date: $startDate,
direction: 'before', // or `'after'`
range: DateRange::INCLUSIVE,
// Helpers for each unit type: second, minute, hour, etc.
duration: 2,
date: $startDate,
direction: 'after',
range: DateRange::EXCLUSIVE,

The setup for this package is defining a custom Eloquent builder that extends the built-in builder with this added functionality. It gives you access to the above filter methods as well as dynamic ranges on the fly using the following conventions:

Post::filterByDate5DayRange($startDate, $direction, $range)->get();
Post::filterByDate6WeekRange($startDate, $direction, $range)->get();
Post::filterByDate7MonthRange($startDate, $direction, $range)->get();

You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub.

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