Announcing Laracon Australia 2018


November 22nd, 2017

Announcing Laracon Australia 2018

On the Laravel News Podcast #50, Michael Dyrynda announced Laracon’s first trip “down under” in October 2018. The venue will be right in the heart of Sydney, Australia.

I was able to catch up with Michael and ask him a few questions about his preparations:

Do You Have a Venue and Preferred Lodging in Mind?

We’re in the final stages of locking down the venue. I think for anybody who’s seen photos of or attended past Laracon US events, this venue will feel just right.

We’re working with local travel agents to put together an affordable, local option for people to stay. Once we’ve finalised the hotel options and pricing, the information will be on the full website early in the new year.

Can You Announce Any Speakers at This Point?

We’ve had some super exciting discussions to date but no formal announcements – you’ll just have to wait and see!

How many days will the conference be?

The conference itself will run over two days. We’re looking into possibility of adding a third day that has no sessions/speakers/workshops. The idea is to do something a little bit different as a networking and social opportunity. After all – it’s not every day we all get to attend Laracon in Sydney!

Is the Event Still up in the Air Based on Support and Sponsorship?

Simply put, sponsors help us make the event possible and, moreover, we rely on our supporters and sponsors to make Laracon a memorable event. For any attendees familiar with the US and EU events, sponsors are an integral part of the experience.

Are You Thinking of Any Specific Local Speakers?

Australia has a huge welath of talented engineers who I’d LOVE to present at Laracon! Not only that, but we’re right next door to New Zealand and not too distant from many countries in South-East Asia. We’ll be opening CFP soon and hope to have a great mix of local and international guests to grace the stage and enthral Laracon attendees.

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